Listed Investments

We adhere to an unequivocal long-term value investment philosophy.

For our public company investments we simply remain committed long term shareholders who cheer on the management team and board from the side lines.

In some circumstances, we may play a more active role similar to our private company investments; this active role can take varying forms.


Real estate

We hold commercial, industrial, land banks and residential real estate assets within our investment portfolio. A flagship asset that is currently being developed is the Queens Hotel and Precinct CBD Renewal Project.

The development will include a range of community and tourism facilities as well as a range of facilities within the majestic Queens Hotel.

It will amplify the value of Townsville, improve the the aesthetic landscape of the city, and most importantly, provide more jobs creating prosperity and economic growth. 

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For our private company investments we typically join the existing board and have an active level of engagement with the business and management team. We support our private companies in a variety of ways and adapt the nature of our support to the specific needs of each business. 

Our objective is to partner with the companies in which we invest by providing long-term patient capital.  

We are driven by our passion to be a partner of world class businesses. As a partner, we act in a constructive manner to support management teams and boards in creating long lasting shareholder value.